I'm making a FreeBSD router with ppp and telnet access to it (currently part of a network with a hardware router). When I have 1 NIC in the FreeBSD machine (rl0), telnet works fine. Then I add another NIC (ed0). Telnet still works. rc.conf:

  ipconfig_rl0="inet netmask"
  #ipconfig_ed0="inet netmask"

My PC ( is hooked up with the FreeBSD box, and through that, to the hardware router. In both cases, when the second line is commented or uncommented, routing doesn't seem to work. (Even if I change the second IP address, but why would that be good?) However, when it's uncommented, I can't connect to the FreeBSD via telnet! Errors on the FreeBSD screen, when my PC is hooked up with rl0:
    ed0: device timeout
and when hooked up with ed0:
    kernel: arp: is on ed0, but got reply [a MAC address] on rl0

I have low experience with FreeBSD. What more should I do to make the routing 

One more question, what files does sysinstall edit (such as /etc/rc.conf) when configuring network interfaces?

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