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I'm looking for a way to configure failover redundancy for one of my
servers. To be specific:

The server in question has one IP-address but two LAN interfaces each
of them connecting to a different switch.

Traffic normally runs only through one of the two interfaces; the
other is for redundandy only. In case the active LAN-interface goes
down (e.g. because of a link and/or switch failure) the second
LAN-interface should take over in the sense that traffic should run
through the second interface (again the server has only one
IP-address, so binding a different IP-address to the interface is not
an option here)

Is there any way how this can be configured under FreeBSD 6.2?

Thanks much in advance for your help,

man lagg
'link aggregation and link failover interface'

It is in 6-STABLE. I don't know since when.


 Ronald Klop
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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