Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> It appears that BIND has only been fixed in -STABLE and -CURRENT, but
> not in -RELEASE.  Does anyone know if there are plans to get this
> patched in 6.2?
> For me it makes little difference since I am not (yet) running named in
> a publicly accessible way.  But my medium term plans for my DNS do
> involve me running a public nameserver on the latest RELEASE with all
> patches.
> It does worry me if this kind of thing doesn't get patched in the latest

Um, it doesn't work that way. "6.2-RELEASE" is just a symbolic name
that is related to the files that have the RELENG_6_2_0_RELEASE flag.

If you want to stay as close as possible to 6.2-RELEASE but also
include the fixes that the security officer deems important enough to
release widely, use the tag RELENG_6_2 (usually in your supfile for
cvsup or csup). If you want the latest code for 6-stable, which will
eventually become 6.3-RELEASE, use just RELENG_6.

When it comes to BIND stuff in particular, I always update the ports
first, so anyone with a mission critical DNS operation can get fixes
ASAP. There is even an option in the port to overwrite the base BIND
if you so desire.




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