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On Wed, August 1, 2007 16:12, Christopher Hilton wrote:
Javier Henderson wrote:
On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 09:52:45 -0500, Eric Crist wrote:
Hey list,

While my ISP is rather geeky and more than willing to give me an IPv6
tunnel to the internet, there seems to be a large number of routing
problems upstream from them that prevent us from accessing the
majority of the IPv6 net.

So, I ask two things really.

1) Does anyone know of an ISP that'll give me a /48 or /64 they'll
route across a gif tunnel?


I use them and seem to be quite good.

I second that recommendation. The ISP in question is Hurricane Electric and the process is 100% web driven. It took me less than a day to get a
gif tunnel up and an ipv6 /64 assignment.

I was up and running in a few hours!

I'm using a Cisco rouer on my end, it was very easy to set up and get going.

-jav (disclaimer: I work at Cisco)

Thanks for the pointer to he.net! I signed up, and my tunnel was approved within a half hour. I've already setup reverse DNS and the tunnel, and, 2 hours after signing up, I'm routed and operational!

What's weird, is that from the he.net tunnel, I can ping6 www.kame.net, and I can ping6 my other ip6 addresse (my other tunnel). But, from my old tunnel, I cannot ping6 www.kame.net.

Must be a routing issue somewhere between...

Thanks for the pointer guys!

Eric Crist

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