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> Hi all,
> What should I be running when updating my sources? RELENG_6 or
> RELENG_6_2? Or is there no difference?

Short answer:
What do you want to do?

Slightly longer:
RELENG_6 is the stable testing branch that
will become 6.3 (soonest).  RELENG_6_2 is
the security branch of 6.2.

If you want to just use FreeBSD, RELENG_6_2
is what you want.  You can upgrade to 6_3
when it is released, probably without difficulty.

If you want to help test, or are curious to watch
the whole release process, or are just dying for
some feature in -stable, RELENG_6 is probably
what you want.

Security branches are more or less (although
in no legal way) guaranteed to work (for some
definition of work), -stable and -current much
less so.

> When running RELENG_6, how often would I have to make buildworld?

As often as you want, and as often as you check
out the code.  A couple of times a day or once a month.

And, though you didn't ask, if you run RELENG_6_2,
you'll want to rebuild (at least the pertinent bits) when
there is a security notice which affects you.

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