>       Hrm, when you print out your environment variables, what
> is MAIL or mail ? Do either of those variables exist, and if so
> what are they set to? And if set, does a file exist at that
> location?

I don't know how to print out environment variables, but 
echo $MAIL


echo $mail 

both are empty.

I should have mentioned this to begin with, but the actual message
I am getting is;

"you have mail in /usr/david"

which points to my home directory, which maybe is the result
when $MAIL is empty. However, I don't see what specific file
in /usr/david that would be triggering the message.  I do notice
that I am getting incoming mail in /usr/david/tmp which each 
carry the mutt-??? tag.  Note;

$ cd /usr/david/tmp
$ ls -tl

total 640
-rw-------  1 david  wheel    2430 Aug  2 11:59 mutt-3s1-90mKAzA6-00009
-rw-------  1 david  wheel     811 Aug  2 11:59 mutt-3s1-FNIv9bVN-00011
-rw-------  1 david  wheel     570 Aug  2 11:59 mutt-3s1-aZ5J9HO3-00010
-rw-------  1 david  wheel   20426 Aug  2 11:59 mutt-3s1-lrTCGdNH-00002
-rw-------  1 david  wheel    6642 Aug  2 11:26 mutt-3s1-3W5nolSR-00031
-rw-------  1 david  wheel    6441 Aug  2 11:26 mutt-3s1-K3kNAS2C-00029
-rw-------  1 david  wheel    2463 Aug  1 19:17 mutt-3s1-YVeXwBSz-00015
-rw-------  1 david  wheel   27678 Aug  1 19:16 mutt-3s1-3EfX7G7s-00008
... and so on

the top message is yours
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