Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
Hi Bill and all,

So I am wondering it it is OK for me to limit the spamd user to how much
CPU power it can get? I saw in the Handbook that it is possible to limit
resources per user. Do you think it is a good thing to do? Will I be
off limiting spamd user or will it make the situation worse because SA
will/may choke? Many thanks for any advice you can give me. I really
appreciate it!
The most typical method of handling this would be nice(1) (see the man
page for details).

Thanks - I will do some reading.

Also, I'm not clear as to what problem you're tyring to solve.  High load
on a busy server certainly isn't a problem, so where is the problem?

The problem that sometimes, though for a very short period of time, the
load goes above 14.
I should have asked this first. Is this OK? I was probably unnecessarily
concerned that the load gets too high. Of course, were it to happen for a
prolonged time, I would take steps to improving hardware but as the load
peaks are periodic and fairly short I thought I would make it easier for
the machine to live :) Judging from your answer I can see I shouldn't worry
all that much.

Warm regards,

   Please read man 5 login.conf .
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