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> It might not be as challenging as rolling your own... but have you 
> considered using one of the ready-to-install BSD firewall/router 
> packages like m0n0wall ?  http://m0n0.ch/wall/

I have thinked about it. I have tried monowall just with firewall
router and it's a good choice. The down-thing is that you can't
setup the dhcp as freely as I wan to do (e.g. setup the dhcpd for
pxeboot for diskless for example). And there is not so much to do
to secure the firewall further than the monowall group already
have done.  

> I don't know if it supports the 3rd interface, but it does run on 
> Soekris hardware.

Well, it does. And there is a good description for a dmz also. 

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