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> Hi
> First of all i just went through the UPDATING instructions to upgrade
> my xorg to 7.2. It did not go very well because i can't finish the
> upgrade process. When i try to pkg_delete xorg-manpages it says
> they're required by the xorg-6.9 port. 

When UPDATING tells you to delete something use pkg_delete -f

> Also i'm not sure where to go for help with portupgrade but here
> seems like a good place to start. 
> Now after i've run portupgrade -aP for the first time i tried to run
> it again just to see what it missed because i can't say the process
> progressed without errors, there were tons of them. Though this time
> i starts with a port i don't even have installed, gutenprint-base. 
> It does not exist in /var/db/pkg, pkg_info doesn't find it and i
> can't make deinstall in the ports metadir because it's not installed.
> Yet portupgrade insists on 'upgrading' it by installing it for me.
> I'm thinking maybe it's a dependency of some newly upgraded port but
> i don't know how to make portupgrade show me that information. ---

This is what happens when you use  portupgrade -P, you lose control
over dependencies, although you might actually need gutenprint, I
rarely print anything these days so I'm a bit out of touch.
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