On 04/08/07, Damian Vicino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello.
> Im Having FBSD running in a P3 with 4.3GB HD, and got 2 extra 80GBs HD
> that fails the SMART check.
> I did a full HD scan with tools provided by the HD's developers and over
> 90% of the HDs are safe.
> I want to use those HD for home of the lowrank users, and keep the
> critical data in the 4GB HD.
> Do u know any pretty safe FS for this kind of unstable hardware, i was
> thinking in something with software RAID maybe.
> Thanks for any suggestion, im pretty new on FBSD world (and
> english-speak world too).
> BTW, if the solution can be applied to DFBSD, it will be very nice,
> becouse i got another machine P1 runnning it, and all HDs i can get for
> it use to have a lot of failures already.

It, more or less, depends on the errors.

I think, though, that I would use some sort
of mirroring, gmirror for FreeBSD.  That way,
if you lose a drive you can at least fall down
somewhat gracefully rather than a panic and
no more data.

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