On 8/4/07, Prakash Poudyal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Can any body tell how to see the size of RAM memory in freebsd. ?
> Thank you
> Sincerely
> Prakash

It should be displayed early in the dmesg(8) output shown during the
boot process. You may review this by executing the dmesg(8) command.
Among the output will be listed:

  dmesg | grep "memory"
    real memory  = 2146304000 (2046 MB)
    avail memory = 2087034880 (1990 MB)

You could also check the appropriate sysctl(8) variables as follows:
  sysctl hw.physmem
  sysctl hw.usermem
  sysctl hw.realmem

To get memory usage statistics you can use ps(1) and top(1):
  ps -u

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