Was going through this slightly old thread and wanted to clear somethings up for myself.

If you want to stay as close as possible to 6.2-RELEASE but also
include the fixes that the security officer deems important enough to
release widely, use the tag RELENG_6_2 (usually in your supfile for
cvsup or csup). If you want the latest code for 6-stable, which will
eventually become 6.3-RELEASE, use just RELENG_6.

I use 'freebsd-update' to keep my 6.2 installation up-to-date. So that means I would be following the RELENG_6_2 tag, right?

In addition to security issues, the ports give you a greater degree of
flexibility in how BIND is configured. If you're going to be offering
a public name server (and by that I hope you mean authoritative, not
recursive) on 6-stable you're probably better off using 9.4.x anyway,
with the threading option disabled.

Are there other things in /usr/src/contrib that follow this pattern?

Sure, lots. Too many for me to list without having to think hard about
it and potentially leave something out.

This has probably been asked before, but if BIND is available in ports then why is it also available in contrib? Are there any benefits in choosing the one in contrib over the one in ports?

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