On Sun, 5 Aug 2007, Arend P. van der Veen wrote:

The approach that I had been using was:

/usr/local/bin/cvsup  -L 0 /usr/sup/supfile
/usr/local/sbin/portsdb -Uu

This had worked great until the emacs22 update. Now portsdb crashes due to the emacs entry in /etc/make.conf. However, I see very little chatter on the lists about this. I have started to wonder if the bulk of the community may be updating their ports differently. Upon some limited research I found that I could use:

/usr/local/bin/cvsup  -L 0 /usr/sup/supfile
/usr/local/sbin/portsdb -Fu

This work fine for me. I can then use tools such as pkg_version, pkg_delete, portinstall and portupgrade without any problems.

My open ended question is what does the rest of the community do to update their ports collection?

I don't run portsdb at all. :)

What I figured from the portsdb manpages is that if you don't run it manually then it gets run upon using one of the portupgrade tools. I don't mind the 30s or so delay that causes and so I don't run portsdb manually.

During my first few days with FreeBSD, however, I used to run ''portsdb -Fu''. My understanding is that that would fetch the INDEX-6 and update INDEX-6.db (since I am on FreeBSD 6.x) but I don't see why I should do this coz the INDEX files are updated when I update the ports tree anyways! (If I have understood this incorrectly, someone please correct me).

I tried ''portsdb -Uu'' just once. To see what it does. Took a long time and so I never tried it again. From the manpage I understand that it creates/ updates the INDEX files by running the ''make index'' command, but the reasoning behind that didn't make sense to me ...

So that's my story.

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