I'm about to install FreeBSD for the first time on a new machine and have a few questions:

1) The motherboard is an Intel DQ964GF, which uses the ICH8 chipset. Is it better to use this in IDE or AHCI mode? (The system will be booting from a S-ATA disk)

2) Are there any good documents discussing the relative merits of using i386 / amd64?

3) Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to perform the installation. The machine has no floppy or CD-ROM drive, and it's not really convenient to temporarily add them as I may well end up going through the install procedure several times. The options seem to be either a USB flash drive (any thoughts on how to get a UFS file system and FreeBSD MBR on there using only WinXP), or via the network.

Any advice much appreciated,

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