Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
During my first few days with FreeBSD, however, I used to run ''portsdb -Fu''. My understanding is that that would fetch the INDEX-6 and update INDEX-6.db (since I am on FreeBSD 6.x) but I don't see why I should do this coz the INDEX files are updated when I update the ports tree anyways! (If I have understood this incorrectly, someone please correct me).

Hi Rakhesh,

What you say about the -F and -u flags sounds right. It's my understanding that "portsdb -Fu" is only required when the ports database gets a little bit messed up and the system prompts you. It's an easy one to remember, because as Dru said in that article, you may be thinking something similar at the time. ;)

Adam J Richardson
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