Philip M. Gollucci wrote:

I see. Thanks. Didn't realize that only when the kernel gets updated does
the suffix change to -p7. I was under the impression that all updates
change the kernel string to -p7 just to show that there's been some
That actually sounds like a bad thing IMHO.  Because not -p4 is not -p4
-p4 = -p7 but for others it might =-p5 depending on the last time they

It might be nice to have freebsd-update update this portion of the
kernel even if thats the only part thats updated.

I second that. Was confusing to me atleast, and I kept wondering all this file if something was wrong with my setup. Would be nice if the kernel was given a version bump to -p7 or whatever. Maybe its not possible for other practical reasons, in which perhaps the man page could mention this fact?

By the way, is there some way I can verify that my system has been patched for the newer updates? (Just so that I get the nagging feeling off my head that something's not alright). Some way I can check the named executable for instance to see its the latest ...?


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