In the last episode (Jan 29), Mitch Vincent said:
> What I have is this, a list of users and I want the user www to be a
> member of all their groups.. I have this in /etc/groups
> d50:*:1026:www
> d49:*:1027:www
> d51:*:1028:www
> (etc etc etc - there are about 80 users like this currently.)
> If I do 'id www' it only shows www in the first 15 groups listed in
> /etc/groups - this is really the case too because if I su to www and
> try to access one of the files (that are perm 770) - I get permission 
> denied. So it's not just a screw up with 'id' - it appears that www 
> really isn't in any of those other groups!
> I'm adding groups and group member via 'pw' so I'm pretty sure the
> syntax is right.. Is there some kind of limit that would prevent my
> www user from being in more than 15 groups?

/sys/sys/syslimits.h sets the maximum number of groups at 16 with the
NGROUPS parameter.  I think you can bump it and rebuild world with no
ill effects, except possibly NFS accesses may still only see the first
16.  I dont know what effect bumping it up to 100 would do :)

        Dan Nelson

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