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> I'm interested in changing over to FreeBSD from Windows, but I'll have
> to say, you guys don't really present a forceful argument to Windows
> users of how easy the switch may be. 

It's up to you to figure out if you like it or not.   If you install it and 
have any questions, this is the place to ask.  It's your *choice*, not any one 
person's responsibility to convince you.  You don't realize how entitled that 
sounds?  At least you said please.

> I get knee-deep in FreeBSD jargon  the second I get to your webpage.

You'll have that, it's the FreeBSD website.

> I need to see an overwhelming argument
> that FreeBSD is a perfectly acceptable alternative for home desktop
> users who have previously known only Windows.

Then I think you have your answer already.
> For instance, if I download and install FreeBSD, will I instantly have a
> desktop windowing environment that I can navigate in while I figure out
> what's going on?  

You obviously haven't read the handbook.:

Careful though, it's chock full of "FreeBSD speak."

>Will I have a browser and way to setup an internet
> connection right off the bat?  

Did I mention the handbook:

>How will I migrate files from other operating systems?

That *choice* is yours.
> I understand you guys have been around for a while, but you don't seem
> to understand the monumental "fear" involved in switching operating
> systems.  

If you're afraid, then you should probably never try anything new.   Ever.

>You need to address those concerns head on from the start. 

LOL, only my wife tells me what I need to do.
>I  need to see several screenshots of apps that I can use as alternatives
> to what I have.

You do, do you?  Try giving this a shot.  Install it, with the help of the 
handbook and the fine people on this list, setup a GUI for yourself and you can 
take as many screenshots as your little heart desires.  Really, you can!
> Help me (and yourselves) out.

I'm not sure anyone can help you.  Here's what you need to get started:  a 
positive attitude; a "can do" attitude.  Picture yourself as one of history's 
great explorer's, put your fear aside and jump in with both feet.  Or, stick 
with Window'$.  The *choice* really is yours.

Good luck with your decisions,

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