Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:

Keep in mind that dump(8) uses UFS2 snapshots. I don't know
the current status, but in the past, snapshots were not working
that good.

This statement is far too general and IMHO does a disservice to those who worked on snapshots.

There were (and maybe even are, but I haven't seen a problem report in ages) issues with large numbers of snapshots or with large (active?) filesystems, but in that case *dump would never have started* as the snapshot wouldn't have completed.

I'm still running 5.4 which is pretty "in the past" and have no issue with dump -L sending the files over the ethernet either compressing locally or remotely. (Well, I do, but only with one ethernet driver and it's either a driver or a hardware fault and nothing to do with dump or snapshots).

Other 5.4 systems I run use snapshots on a daily basis for other purposes and again have no problems.

Bram Schoenmakers wrote:

# /sbin/dump -0uan -L -h 0 -f - / | /usr/bin/bzip2 | /usr/bin/ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] \
       dd of=/backup/webserver/root.0.bz2

bzip2 is darned slow and not always much better than gzip -9. It might be that ssh is just timing out in some way (I've seen that but not with ethernet dumps specifically). Can you try the test using gzip -9 instead of bzip? If that works, then look for ssh options that affect timeouts, keepalives etc. In particular, ServerAliveInterval 60 in a .ssh/config stopped xterm windows dying on me to certain hosts. YMMV :-(

If you have the disk space then you could try without any compression at all; or try doing the compression remotely:

          /sbin/dump -0 -a -C 64 -L -h 0 -f - / | \
/usr/local/bin/ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] \ "gzip -9 > /backup/webserver/root.0.gz"


Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:

1) Can you dump the file locally?

2) Is scp working?

If you can write (and compress if short of disk space) the dump locally and try 
an scp to your remote host as Nikos is suggesting, that will narrow down the 
problem a bit.  Any other large file will do: doesn't have to be a dump.


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