A couple years ago I got a hold of Ubuntu and until recent months
        thought it was the best thing since [[ fill-in ]].
        Long-story-shot, I am wedged at 6.06 (a Long Term Support)
        version, and because the *next* "LTS" isn't due until 2009 
        and *mostly* because the Linux filesystem __ate__ several 
        files (at least one binary; plus several gifs/jpgs/whatever),
        I'm thinking of switching back.  Our 6.2-RELEASE really is the
        best release I've seen, so I may just buy 6.3 or 7.1 or
        whatever.  The other option is to buy or download the pee-cee
        version (1.4 or later) of BSD.  I want something with audio and
        video apps that JustWork{tm}; something that's mostly for fun.
        ....Altho, as noted above, my installation of 6.2 comes pretty
        close.  Has anybody on this list used the PC version of BSD?
        What about a "desktop-BSD"??

        suggestion? advice?


  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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