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> I'm interested in changing over to FreeBSD from Windows,

Hello Robert,

I don't think  I'll tell you what to do - i think most contributors to this 
thread have done a pretty good job @ pointing you in the right direction (with 
different degrees of shoving involved ;-) ). At least most  agree on one fact : 
there is no underlying incentive to convert every/most/some/you windows users 
to FreeBSD - those who want it will do it. Let Microsoft and Apple marketing 
machines do all the convincing for their own products (well, and in the case of 
Vista, let the quality of the product be its own counter-sell point :D ).

I also find it very interesting that troll-looking emails like yours generate 
so many helpful responses, but then the original poster (ie, you :) ) do not 
bother to reply back / follow up. 

good luck with your choices,
{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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   George Santayana

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