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> You don't have to boot the fixit cd - just mount it and look. I'm sure
> that what you will find on the CD is a pretty complete FreeBSD system,
> with the layout described in the hier man page.

Close, but...
root@BAPhD ~ #ls /cdrom
.cshrc          bin             etc             modules         sys
.profile        boot            filename.txt    proc            tmp
COPYRIGHT       cdrom.inf       floppies        root            usr
CVS-REPO        commerce        kernel.GENERIC  rr_moved        var
README.TXT      dev             mnt             sbin

Note the absence of mnt2 and stand, both of which I was aked to examine.  Those
directories are set up on booting the cdrom and entering Fixit mode.
bin, sbin and usr/bin on the cd are indeed readable ( and extensive) directly
from the CD.

I don't mean to be difficult or over-demanding about this, especially to people
who are offering help, but what I was expecting was trhat some helpful guru
would have prepared a "Fixit Handbook" which might have chapters like "Repairing
a corrupt partition table" and "Restoring a lost directory" and ...  whatever. 
 Perhaps the book Chuck suggested would do that.

Reading man pages doesn't tell me with any clarity which commands go with what
do do something.  One really needs far more knowledge than I have to make sense
of it all.

Perhaps that's the issue.  Fixit is intended for expert use only?

Thanks for your help, anyway.


> All the Fixit CDROM is is a complete FreeBSD system. That's the single
> best tool you could be provided for fxing a fried system.  Creating
> special documentation for that is pretty much pointless, because all
> it would do is duplicate the existing documentation. To learn about
> how to repair systems with the Fixit CD, you need to learn how to
> repair systems with FreeBSD. That documentation is in the man pages,
> the handbook and the FAQ.
> Basically, there's nothing special or magical about the Fixit disk, so
> there's no need for any special documentation. If you believe that's
> wrong, please feel free to write it and submit it as either a FAQ or
> handbook entry. I'll be more than happy to review your words if you
> want.
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