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Wojciech Puchar wrote:
and about DOS apps - few small companies are still using our 18-year old (so really mature ;) DOS apps. when asked if they like me to write new unix version (+lots of adventages here, remote sessions etc.) then don't. they just don't like to pay anymore because this 18-year program JUST WORKS.

That reminds me of my last job. It's a big multinational company [let's call it Torus, for no particular reason] but knows almost nothing about computing. They're using some old database software from 1000000000000 years BC. There's no security on it at all. I was able to use M$ Excel to peek inside it at the data. Unfortunately when I did that I locked absolutely everyone in the company out of the database at the same time. Heh. There's an example of a program that's old and sucks.

Adam J Richardson

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