> Thank you for those suggestions, it's appreciated. Although I get the same 
> results with setting those values both on the server and on the client. SCP 
> starts full speed, but at 20% of the 200 MB file it starts to stall. All ICMP 
> traffic was open on both firewalls at that time.

I had something similar to this happen to me once when I traded out low
end Linksys router for an enterprise grade one. Large transfers were ok
with the low end router, but died horribly with the "good" router. It
was a FreeBSD4.11 server at the time, and in the end it turned out that  the
increase in bandwidth was directly related to the stall, putting qos on
the traffic back down to the previous speeds made the stalling go away.
I never did find out if it was a crappy NIC or crappy disk drives, or
crappy cofiguration on the server.
Kenny Dail 

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