On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 01:25:44PM +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> just ended testing.

Wow, that was quick.  It looks like you made some very hasty
judgements, and a lot of the problems you encountered were quite
frankly your own fault.

> after having all my data  (test system fortunately) on ZFS including root, 
> i lost /boot partition, which was on pendrive to make testing easier.
> well - no problem - i've started my normal 6.2 syste, got bootonly CD, 
> removed mfsroot, added (as on ZFS system) 
> vfs.root.mountfrom="zfs:tank/root", put tu pendrive, bsdlabel -B etc..
> started..
> it CANNOT mount zfs.

Yes, clearly documented.

> well - i don't have live CD

Easy to download one.

> the only thing left was 7.0 livecd  but amd64 only.
> well - i have qemu.
> started qemu with this image, added -hda with my ZFS disk, started.
> got to fixid, kldload zfs.ko
> zfs import - well all's fine
> zfs import -f tank
> after some time done
> tried any command - looks like no libraries. well - probably it 
> overmounted / from zfs...

I doubt it.  More likely you are having problems from trying to use
your i386 system on an amd64 kernel, which will be looking in a
different place for the i386 libraries.

> next reboot
> now
> zfs import -R /mnt -f tank
> and it's waiting forever. doing nothing, both CTRL-C and CTRL-Z doesn't 
> work.
> it's doing nothing as i see that qemu uses almost no CPU.

You may have found a bug, unfortunately you needed to obtain more
debugging information to be a useful report.

> it uses HUGE amount of RAM.


> it's set copies=n is a joke.
> you have no warranty where are the copies (often on the same disk).

Not according to the documentation.

> zpool scrub DOES NOT move copies to other disk from the same when other is 
> made available!!

It should, I think.

> raidz can't be expanded

Dunno what you mean by expanded.

> cache flushing CAN NOT be disable for selected device, only for 
> everything.
> my USB-IDE converter make doesn't allow it, but my 2.5" does!
> i use USB-IDE converted with disk as a backup. with ZFS it's impossible 
> unless i will turn off flushing for everything - losing it's important 
> adventage.

Not sure what you mean here either.

> disks based pool (no mirror/raidz) won't start AT ALL with one element 
> unattached!!! EVEN if everything has copies>1 !!!

That's not what copies is supposed to be used for.  If you want
degraded mode, use a mirror/raid configuration,.

> summary: excellent idea turned into pile of s...t

summary: user had many incorrect expectations about the software and
is not willing to correctly report possible bugs so they can be fixed,
therefore should avoid running all pre-release versions of freebsd.


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