I'm a new user to FreeBSD and Unix. I used Solaris 10 last week in
lab, and found there is a difference between them.

When Solaris is installed, press backspace will give you ^H, you'll
have to "stty erase ^H" to solve this problem. But with FreeBSD 6.1,
when first installed, backspace is always bounded to erase last
character, even I have "stty erase ^?" and "stty erase2 ^?", backspace
still deletes last character input. Does any body know why is this

And strange thing is with default setting (before stty erase and
erase2 to ^?), when I use Emacs, C-h will give me back space, instead
of help. I know this is desirable for experts, but I'm really new so
just want to follow the instruction first.

The $TERM is cons25.

D. Zhang

PS: This does not happen in X environment though. I've Google'd but
nothing really related came up.
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