Sounds like your firewall is blocking inbound ports for remote mysql and FTP

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I want to build a Freebsd based webserver and all the stuff works
quiet well, I got ruby on rails installed (ports/www/rubygem-rails)
and I'm able to start webrick (the integrated webserver) also I
installed the hole mysql package (server, client , scripts all 5.0).

But I still have some problems !
First I do not know how to configure the Ftp server. I disabled
anonymous login (during the setup)and I killed the '#' in the
inetd.conf in the line for ftp (ftp   stream  tcp   nowait root /usr/
libexec/ftpd ftpd -l) and saved this file ! Now I want to login with a
normal account (also user account) via ftp and it does not work!
please help ! Also there is no open port!

The other problem is about MYSQL
It works for me (mysql version 5). But I can not connect as remote
from an other computer ! I enabled it in the rc.conf and the mysql
ports seems to be open ! (did a port scan from the remote). But I can
not access the database as remote. Also I created a new user in mysql
(user with all privileges) i can not connect to the server as remote,
neither with the root nor with my new account (but the new account
works from the inside as well).
I had been told to change a file called my.conf but I do not find this
file ! Can you pleasetell me where my mysql configuration is saved !
thx for help !

Regrades Snoopy

PS: I'm sorry for my english and the bad kind of description I gave
you, but I'm a total newbe to Freebsd !

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