Modulok wrote:
> Take the following example vinum config file:
> drive a device /dev/da2a
> drive b device /dev/da3a
> volume rambo
>     plex org concat
>         sd length 512m drive a
>     plex org concat
>         sd length 512m drive b
----8<----cut here----8<----
drive disk1 device /dev/ad4s1h
drive disk2 device /dev/ad5s1h
drive disk3 device /dev/ad6s1h

volume raid5
plex org raid5 512k
sd length 190782M drive disk1
sd length 190782M drive disk2
sd length 190782M drive disk3
----8<----cut here----8<----

This syntax still worked for me as of gvinum in 6.2. However, the new
SoC patches for geom_vinum functionality may change some things when

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