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A good choice for the Windows user would be PC-BSD

http://pcbsd.org/?p=download14 primarily due to the easy installation. I have quite a bit experience with it. You would get nice KDE environment very similar to what you had in Windows. It is based on 6.2 Stable and XOrg 7.2.

Desktop BSD is less active project and with much smaller user base. The new release based on 6.2 Stable and XOrg 6.9 seems bit baggy.

Both systems are pre-configured FreeBSD with extra GUI tools. The only difference is packing system . PC-BSD uses windows like pbi packing system as alternative to standard port system in FreeBSD while DesktopBSD utilizes GUI tools to assist novice user with

I would stay a way from the FreeBSD if your sole previous exposure to different Operating Systems was Windows unless you are really willing to sit and learn very intensively. This is primarily due to the fact that initial installation and PC-BSD like configuration
is actually the most difficult thing for the casual Desktop user of FreeBSD.
I hope this helps

Chad Perrin wrote:
On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 09:31:58AM +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
Basically I need to know which of the OS from freebsd
will be the best for me to use?
freebsd is only one system, there is no "which" you can select from.

Maybe Brooks Lackey was referring to choices between:


. . . of which one is FreeBSD, and two are modified FreeBSD.  On the
other hand, maybe the options Brooks Lackey had in mind were 6.2-STABLE,
6.2-RELEASE, and 7.0-CURRENT.  After all, if MS Windows (which is
apparently the start-point for this user) can have Ultimate, Home
Premium, Home Basic, Business, and Enterprise, I guess we can have our

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