From: Brooks Lackey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Okay i have a Dell Inspiron 9300 with centrino mobil
> technology at 1.86GHZ, 512MB of memory and a 60Gig
> HDD.  
> Basically I need to know which of the OS from freebsd
> will be the best for me to use?
> Can i use Yahoo Messanger, Itunes, & AOL Messanger. 
> I am just looking around as i am now tired of Windows.
>  I dont know everything about OS but i like to learn
> new things and if there is something better out there
> i def. would like to use it. 
Site's with laptops and their compatiblity with FreeBSD:

If you go here:

You get a list of mirror sites to download from.  like this:

If you have a decent internet connection, cable or better,  you can download 
just the bootonly.iso and burn that to CD.  You have to burn it as an .iso file 
so your CD is bootable.   If you go this route, most of your install will be 
over the net.  You'll have the option to pick your source, ie: CD, FTP, etc... 
during the install.  If you download all the .iso's, then you can pick CD 
during install and you should be good to go.  

This is invaluable for you to get started:

There's even a section on laptops:

Read the relevant sections on installing, etc...  FreeBSD is not a GUI desktop, 
you'll need to install X-Server for that and then pick a window manager/desktop 
like Gnome, KDE, xfce etc...  

I'm pretty sure there are alternatives to AIM and Yahoo Messenger, but I don't 
do that so I dunno for sure.  iTunes?  I have no idea.

If you want a "live" CD that you can boot from and it will come up complete 
with desktop, etc... to get used to the feel of FreeBSD, try this:


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