I'm looking for a new pc.
I had a problem installing BSD (Free/Open/Net!) with the Dell Dimension C521n. 
(Free/Open BSD website tells me that it support the E521 that have the same 
It don't recognize my dell usb keyboard and my SATA DVD Rom drive was not 
detected at all.

I call Dell support and I was complaining that when I saw that model on their 
website and I called to the vendors they said that this model would come 
without SO (Windows). That I'll be free to make my own choice on using any 
*unix SO.

Well.. now Dell will get my machine back and pay me back the amount that I 

Now I want to buy a powerful machine to run Development things such Java or 
Ruby on Rails on JBoss, running in some good db like Postgresql or MySql.
I don't want to get a new surprise to run only Windows on my machine!
(I already have 2gb ddr2 ram, I want a powerful modern pc to run Free or Open 
as my Desktop System)

Could you guys please help me ?

Thanks a lot all help is greatly appreciated 
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