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> I would like to map my "alt" keys to be "meta" keys.  Is there any reason
> why I shouldn't do that?  Is there a better/different solution?  Using ESC
> just doesn't cut it...

Are you using X?  If so, is it 4.x?  If so, edit your XF86Config file.  Find
the "InputDevice" section for your keyboard.  Add this line to bind `meta'
and `alt' to the alt keys:

    Option "XkbOptions" "altwin:meta_alt"

I'm using a Happy Hacking keyboard, and I used the line:

    Option "XkbOptions" "altwin:meta_win"

to bind `meta' to my left and right diamond keys (the ones that would act
like "Windows" keys were I running a different OS.  I get both `alt' and
`meta' separately this way.
Kirk Strauser
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