I've installed using FreeBSD 4.7-R ISO's, and have done so on various
machines without err.  Then, yesterday, one machine, after doing a cvsup to
latest 4.7-R src updates, errored out on the buildworld.

The system in question is a lousy Cyrix 6x86 PR166+, with 64MB RAM, and a
4GB HDD.  The error it shoots out is:

cc: Internal compiler error:
Program cc1 got fatal signal 11

*** Error code 1
Stop in /usr/src/lib/libncurses

My question is, is there something wrong with the sources, or, has anyone
else had a similar problem?  Are there any special options I should use for
building on a Cyrix CPU?  Is the Earth still flat, and have I fallen off?


Justin P. Michel
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