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> Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:41:31 -0700
> From: Predrag Punosevac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: Looking for powerful machines that runs FreeBSD on it
> Caio Figueiredo Abecia wrote:

> > I'm looking for a new pc. had a problem installing BSD
> > I(Free/Open/Net!) with the Dell Dimension C521n. (Free/Open
> > IBSD website tells me that it support the E521 that have the
> > Isame configuration) t don't recognize my dell usb keyboard
> > Iand my SATA DVD Rom drive was not detected at all.

> > I call Dell support and I was complaining that when I saw that
> > model on their website and I called to the vendors they said
> > that this model would come without SO (Windows). That I'll be
> > free to make my own choice on using any *unix SO.

> > Well.. now Dell will get my machine back and pay me back the
> > amount that I payed.

> > Now I want to buy a powerful machine to run Development things
> > such Java or Ruby on Rails on JBoss, running in some good db
> > like Postgresql or MySql. I don't want to get a new surprise
> > to run only Windows on my machine! (I already have 2gb ddr2
> > ram, I want a powerful modern pc to run Free or Open as my
> > Desktop System)

> > Could you guys please help me ?

> > Thanks a lot all help is greatly appreciated 

> Why not built one from the parts. That way you would save bundle
> of money and have the computer which will run FreeBSD without a
> hitch. That is what I did.

That's what we [a small niche market ISP] do.  We currently use
Intel motheboards and go from there.   We did start with a couple
in Intel 1100s - and they are 5 years old and still running - and
being phased out to lighter duty - such as running backups to them.

We only have about 8-10 servers, and a client has 3 or 4 in our
rack at Level 3.  We have NO regular users.  Do email for business
and host many of their websites - so that cuts down on a lot
of frivolous calls.

But the servers do get busy at times.  One of our domains - comes up #1 in most search engines.

Buy building your own you have a lot of control and can be pretty
sure things will work - and you'll learn enough so you don't
have to rely on 3rd party support - who don't really know what you
are doing with your machine.

As to power - my observation is that you can do more with FreeBSD
on machines less powerful than other OSes require.


Bill Vermillion - bv @ wjv . com
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