On Tuesday 14 August 2007 15:31:38 Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> Harley Race <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I have been playing around with Solaris 10 and was thinking about
> > testing mail services in a zone.  What I would like to know from any
> > of the MD/Solaris users is whether you used Sun tools to compile MD
> > or did you use the ancient version of gcc that came with Solaris.
> > What type of problems did you have doing this.  I am trying to get a
> > feel for what to expect before I start on this experiment and would
> > like to learn from the mistakes or experiences of others.  Thanks
> > for any input.
> Compiling on solaris 10 is not pleasant. That's how I feel about
> it. It can be done, sure, but you have to know a lot about
> compiling. I _DO_ compile but on solaris express, not S10.

True, compiling on Solaris can be really painfull.
The problem isn't Solaris itself, though, but rather a pitifull closed minded 
view of some open source developers towards other OSes than Linux.
Don't start messing around with /usr/sfw/bin/gcc, Sun messed this one up 
pretty badly. 
Whorst problem: They used gcc, but decided to use their own ld, which needs 
other parameters that are of course not recognised by most OSS.

I'd try Sun Studio 11 anyway, it's a great compiler and if the sources are 
well done it should be working flawlessly. (I once compiled an entire suite 
of software need for Plone/Zope with it.)

As an alternative there's another package called "gcc for Sparc systems" 
(gccfss) available from her: http://cooltools.sunsource.net/gcc/
It's a relocatible gcc that can be installed anywhere, and that has been 
expanded to make use of all Sparc specific features. Didn't try it so far, 
but heard good things about it.
> I run cyrus imapd+MD+SpamAssassin in a mailzone. I use software
> packages from Blastwave for this. Setting things up is easy.
> Runs very well in the zone (also smarthost for all other machines in
> the house ;-)

Most of the blastwave packages work fine, I use them when I'm in a hurry or 
don't want to mess around with compilation myself. They are more current than 
the packages from sunfreeware.com, but are more error prone, though.
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