Caio Figueiredo Abecia wrote:
It seems to be a problem only on Dell E521/C521 Dimension models.

Here are some of the places that I found talking about the same errors I'm having : ttp://!%22-t4025257.html

Even in NetBSD I still have the same problem.

Thanks for the quick response Bill.

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I'm looking for a new pc.
I had a problem installing BSD (Free/Open/Net!) with the Dell Dimension C521n. (Free/Open BSD website tells me that it support the E521 that have the same configuration) It don't recognize my dell usb keyboard and my SATA DVD Rom drive was not detected at all.

I have an Dell Optiplex GX520 here at work that runs FreeBSD 6.2 just fine.

Bill Moran
   Sounds like a chipset issue. Have you tried using a CURRENT snapshot CD?
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