>> We are trying determine cost and benefits  of supporting  FreeBSD
>> platform for OEM market.  Does any one have data on the installbase
>> for FreeBSD "Embedded" in 3rd party applications and appliances?  We
>> are looking for ball park numbers.
> There is no requirement to tell anyone else that you're using FreeBSD
> in a product, so some people don't.  As a result, I would be highly
> suspicious of any numbers anyone *could* come up with (I would expect
> such numbers to miss a lot of applications).
> A better approach in my opinion would be to look at specific use
> cases; the FreeBSD web site includes some information of that sort.
> One example not listed there is that Juniper Networks routers control
> plane ("JunOS", I think) is based on FreeBSD.

I missed the first question, but we are using a Taiwanese remote
access system (a box with 32 modems inside to receive incoming dial-up
connections) based on FreeBSD (2.something I guess) as well as a
satellite receiver from UDcats (www.udcat.com) based on FreeBSD too.

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