Nikola Lecic wrote:

>> So the /etc/make.conf option is better.
>  It is definitively the most universal and IMHO it should appear
>  in the Handbook.

        I try to avoid setting things in make.conf that do not need to
be set there.  Why?  Because - as far as I know - they will apply to
_everything_ that uses the standard "make" infrastructure.
        That includes today's port, where WITH_MUMBLEFROTZ is
        It also includes the equally critical port you're trying to
install in nine months, long after you forgot you put
WITH_MUMBLEFROTZ in make.conf, and whose resultant misbehavior will
be difficult to diagnose.  (Misspell something, and you might even
affect compiling the OS.  No thanks.)
        I use portupgrade and pkgtools.conf.  Perhaps not the fastest,
but generally reliable and has few unintended consequences.

                                Robert Huff
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