Shantanoo Mahajan wrote:

On 15-Aug-07, at 1:48 PM, Predrag Punosevac wrote:

Beech Rintoul wrote:
On Tuesday 14 August 2007, Predrag Punosevac said:

I was wondering if anybody is using successfully Skype or Ekiga
(any other SIP phone)  via the Open Sound System compiled from
ports? Would you mind sharing your devfs.conf file and rc.conf

Thank you

net/skype in the ports works out of the box. No special configs needed. net/skype-devel is a work in progress and is currently broken.


Maybe with build in OSS but not with OSS compiled from ports. In particular, how do I set up microphone. I can hear the test call but
my voice is not recorded.

You may try following command:

$ mixer igain 90 rec 90 mic 90

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I am sure it is a mixer problem. I tried your advice this is the result
[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ mixer
Mixer pcm      is currently set to  45:45
Recording source:

[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ mixer igain 90 rec 90 mic 90
mixer: unknown device: igain
usage: mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] [dev [+|-][voll[:[+|-]volr]] ...
      mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] recsrc ...
      mixer [-f device] [-s | -S] {^|+|-|=}rec rdev ...
devices: pcm
rec devices:

I tried as a supper user too. It makes no difference.

But the following outputs are interesting
[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.0 (build 070707/200708012238/C (0x00040002)
Platform: FreeBSD/i386 6.2-STABLE-200706 FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE-200706 #0: Sun Jun 3 14:20:02 UTC 2007 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SMP

Number of audio devices:        9
Number of audio engines:        9
Number of MIDI devices:         0
Number of mixer devices:        1

Device objects
0: audigyls0 AudigyLS
1: vmix0 OSS transparent virtual support

MIDI devices (/dev/midi*)

Mixer devices (/dev/mixer*)
0: AudigyLS Mixer (Mixer 0 of device object 0)

Audio devices
/dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm0 AudigyLS front  (device index 0)
/dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm1 AudigyLS (shadow)  (device index 1)
/dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm2 AudigyLS center/lfe  (device index 2)
/dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm3 AudigyLS surround  (device index 3)
/dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm4 AudigyLS 5.1 output  (device index 4)
/dev/oss/vmix0/pcm0     AudigyLS front (VMIX0)  (device index 5)
/dev/oss/vmix0/pcm1     AudigyLS front (VMIX0)  (device index 6)
/dev/oss/vmix0/pcm2     AudigyLS front (VMIX0)  (device index 7)
/dev/oss/vmix0/pcm3     AudigyLS front (VMIX0)  (device index 8)

Note that number of mixer devices is zero.

[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ ossmix
Selected mixer 0/
Known controls are:
       pcm <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 45:45)
       rear <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48)
       rear.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
       center <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48)
       center.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
       ext.spread ON|OFF (currently OFF)
       ext.loopback ON|OFF (currently OFF)
       ext.recordvol <monovol> (currently 128)
       ext.recordsrc <MIC|LINE> (currently MIC)
vmix0-src <Fast|Low|Medium|High|High+|Production|OFF> (currently Fast)
       vmix0-vol <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
       vmix0-out <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
       vmix0-out.pcm5 <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
       vmix0-out <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
       vmix0-out.pcm6 <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
       vmix0-out <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
       vmix0-out.pcm7 <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
       vmix0-out <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
       vmix0-out.pcm8 <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
       vmix0-out <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
       vmix0-in <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)

The native mixer is enabled in the rc.conf file

Could you give me some kind of hint any suggestions? What should I read? Documentation?

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