on 15/08/2007 20:06 Juergen Lock said the following:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 12:57:36PM +0300, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> Is it possible on FreeBSD to provide access to host USB devices for qemu
>> guests ?
>> I tried playing with -usb and -usbdevice and to follow some linux
>> how-to's but with no luck.
> Does the following snippet from the ports' pkg-message help?
> [...]
> - if you want to use usb devices connected to the host in the guest
> (usb_add host:... monitor command) you need to make sure the host isn't
> claiming them, e.g. for umass devices (like memory sticks or external
> harddrives) make sure umass isn't in the kernel (you can then still load it
> as a kld when needed), also unless you are running qemu as root you then
> need to fix permissions for /dev/ugen* device nodes: if you are on 5.x or
> later (devfs) put a rule in /etc/devfs.rules, activate it in /etc/rc.conf
> and run /etc/rc.d/devfs restart.  example devfs.rules:
>       [ugen_ruleset=20]
>       add path 'ugen*' mode 660 group operator
> corresponding rc.conf line:
>       devfs_system_ruleset="ugen_ruleset"
> - still usb: since the hub is no longer attached to the uchi controller
> and the wakeup mechanism, resume interrupt is not implemented yet linux
> guests will suspend the bus, i.e. they wont see devices usb_add'ed after
> its (linux') uhci module got loaded.  workaround: either add devices
> before linux loads the module or rmmod and modprobe it afterwards.
> [...]
>  With this I was able to mount an usb cardreader from the guest.
> (although that is pretty slow...)


thank you very much! While I unloaded umass I totally forgot to load ugen.

Andriy Gapon
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