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> I was wondering if any subscibers to this list recognise the
> following problem.
> I just purchased 2 identical machines and I am looking to install 4.7
> from CD.
> It then formats the hard disk ok, but reports
> acd0: TEST_UNIT_READY command timeout - resetting
> ata1: resetting devices .. done
> ( The message repeats itself many times.)
> finally it gives up and gives error message
> Error mounting /dev/acd0c on dist Input/Output Error(5)
> Any ideas why it should boot from CD, but not then recognise it ?

I'm taking a shot in the dark, but is the CD on the secondary
controller as a slave, and there's no master on that controller? That
configuration causes problems for FreeBSD. I'm not sure it would cause
the timeouts you are seeing, but it does cause FreeBSD to fail to
recognize drives.

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