At 12:58 PM 8/16/2007, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
 Hi All,

Here is a problem that I cannot solve. I have two offices with two file servers (FreeBSD 6.1). Clients are accessing files over samba and nfs (on the local server). I would like to share some directory structures between the two offices. Originally I was thinking about sshfs (mount_sshfs) but I cannot compile fuse from the ports. NFS cannot share subdirectories, only whole filesystems and it is not secure to use over the internet.

Security inside the LAN is not important. Most of these folders are "put everything into it" type, e.g. anyone can do anything with them. The users usually store doc, pdf, xls/gnumeric and txt files in them.

I'm not interested in solutions where the end user needs to use a special program to access the files. For example, gftp is not an option. This is because these users sometimes does not know what a file is. I need nautilus integration, and mounting/mapping so the files can be opened from any program using file/open.

What should I use?

You need to create a VPN connection between your two offices. You can do this in a variety of ways, but probably the best solution would be to have static IP's for both offices and a router that has hardware support for VPNs at each office. You can connect the two offices via a VPN connection from router to router.


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