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> > You need to create a VPN connection between your two offices.  You
> can
> > do this in a variety of ways, but probably the best solution would
> > to have static IP's for both offices and a router that has hardware
> > support for VPNs at each office.  You can connect the two offices
> > a VPN connection from router to router.
> Well, we do not have static IP addresses, and the routers does not
> support VPN. Also I do not like the idea of VPN because I feel that
> would forward more packets than needed. I may be wrong. :-)
> Although we do not have static IP, we have DDNS. Is it possible to do
> VPN from one FreeBSD box to another and then.... what? Mount nfs?
> smb? I can mount a remote smb volume then share it with another smb
> server, but it looks wreid to me and I'm also concerned about speed. I
> believe smb is not optimized for speed. If I have to use VPN then I
> would like to use the most traffic-efficient method over VPN. Can you
> suggest something?
> Thanks,
Have you considered NFS over IPSec? See:



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