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You need to create a VPN connection between your two offices. You can do this in a variety of ways, but probably the best solution would be to have static IP's for both offices and a router that has hardware support for VPNs at each office. You can connect the two offices via a VPN connection from router to router.
Well, we do not have static IP addresses, and the routers does not support VPN. Also I do not like the idea of VPN because I feel that would forward more packets than needed. I may be wrong. :-)

Although we do not have static IP, we have DDNS. Is it possible to do VPN from one FreeBSD box to another and then.... what? Mount nfs? Mount smb? I can mount a remote smb volume then share it with another smb server, but it looks wreid to me and I'm also concerned about speed. I believe smb is not optimized for speed. If I have to use VPN then I would like to use the most traffic-efficient method over VPN. Can you suggest something?



Properly set up, the two office could appear as if they were local, only hindered by the speed of your internet connections. IMHO, a VPN is really the only way to go. Across that, you can use any method you'd prefer, NFS, smb, etc.

Take a look at OpenVPN for more information. It's in the ports, and relatively easy to set up.
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