I've been toying with my test FreeBSD server
(4.7-RELEASE-p3) to try to set up a plain old PPP
server. I'm at a point where the modem answers, the
connection goes up (i.e. the caller gets an IP number)
but there's no traffic.

Below you can find the files I changed in order to get
that setup working, but I don't know what am I missing
(and I am under the impression that's something so
simple that's embarrasing.) BTW, I'm using
mgetty+sendfax to answer the phone and no PAP nor
CHAP, just passwd authentication.


 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
 ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)

 set device /dev/cuaa0
 set speed 115200
           \"\" AT OK-AT-OK ATE1Q0 OK \
           \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
 set timeout 180# 3 minute idle timer (the default)
 enable dns# request DNS info (for resolv.conf)
 enable proxy
 set ifaddr
---> cont'd

 allow users texel tony
 set ifaddr
 enable proxy
 enable passwdauth
 accept dns
 set dns
 set nbns
 set mppe


port cuaa0
debug 4
fax-id 00 00 000000
speed 115000
direct NO
blocking NO
port-owner uucp
port-group dialer
port-mode 0660
toggle-dtr YES
toggle-dtr-waittime 500
data-only YES
fax-only NO
modem-type auto
init-chat "" ATS0=0V1E1Q0&D3&C1&H3&N0 OK
modem-check-time 3600
rings 1
answer-chat "" ATA CONNECT \c \r
answer-chat-timeout 80
autobauding NO
ringback NO
ringback-time 30
ignore-carrier false
issue-file /etc/issue
prompt-waittime 500
login-prompt @!login: 
login-time 240
diskspace 1024
notify faxadmin
fax-owner uucp
fax-group modem
fax-mode 0660


/AutoPPP/ - - /etc/ppp/ppp-incoming

and finally, /etc/ppp/ppp-incoming:


exec /usr/sbin/ppp -direct $IDENT

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards, and thanks for yer time,

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