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>   Hi All,
> Here is a problem that I cannot solve. I have two offices with two file
> servers (FreeBSD 6.1). Clients are accessing files over samba and nfs (on
> the local server). I would like to share some directory structures between
> the two offices. Originally I was thinking about sshfs (mount_sshfs) but I
> cannot compile fuse from the ports. NFS cannot share subdirectories, only
> whole filesystems and it is not secure to use over the internet.

Unless I'm very confused, BSD NFS can export directories and directory
trees in addition to filesystems.  See export(5).  Internet security
should be attainable with an appropriate firewall configuration that
allows the servers to only talk to each other.

> [...]
> What should I use?

I often suggest Coda (ports/net/coda6_server & coda6_client) for this
sort of situation, but it has been so many years since I've used it
myself that I don't know what state it is in these days. I hope the
documentation has improved. Note the client runs on the local file
server, so you don't need to change anything on end-users'

In your case, though, it sounds like NFS would actually do what you need.

- Bob
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