I often suggest Coda (ports/net/coda6_server & coda6_client) for this
sort of situation, but it has been so many years since I've used it
myself that I don't know what state it is in these days. I hope the
documentation has improved. Note the client runs on the local file
server, so you don't need to change anything on end-users'
If it really has client side caching then it can be better than NFS. However, I just found this on their official website:

There were several sweeping changes in freebsd, and in the case where the developers didn't exactly know how to solve it for Coda, they just removed the related code. For instance, they don't support vget with a device/inode number pair anymore, so they simply removed the complete coda_open codepath. As a result it is impossible to open any files or directories in /coda with the current fbsd kernel module.

Now I'm starting to loose my enthusiasm about FreeBSD!

- sshfs works for Linux, but not for FreeBSD, although ssh is open source and well documented. The guy who developed it says that he could not implement fuse very well because the source code of the FreeBSD kernel is a mess, can this be true? - WEB-DAV fs works for Linux but not for FreeBSD, although DAV is well documented. Why? - Coda client does not work correctly because of... lack of kernel developers?

Most suprisingly, Gnome 2.18 and nautilus CAN use WEB-DAV (both http and https), and it can also "mount" sshfs. But this is useless for me because I cannot really mount them, they are available in gnome vfs only. I see signs... is it really the kernel that prevents me from doing what I need to do?

Today I also had trouble with mozilla flashplugin. It simply does not work, except with linux-firefox, but then Java stops working. Unfortuntely, I need to use both of them together. Skype does not work very well with FreeBSD, only in linux compat mode etc.

I like the idea of having only one, consistent distribution, and having a ports tree and I see other advantages of FreeBSD but I'm starting to think that using it as an application server was a bad idea from my part, simply because the lack of working - otherwise widely used - applications.

Sally... I'm sorry, it is late night here and I failed to solve 5 problems today. All of them could have been solved with one click on Linux or even M$ Windows. :-(


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