On 8/16/07, Laszlo Nagy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I often suggest Coda (ports/net/coda6_server & coda6_client) for this
> > sort of situation, but it has been so many years since I've used it
> > myself that I don't know what state it is in these days. I hope the
> > documentation has improved. Note the client runs on the local file
> > server, so you don't need to change anything on end-users'
> > workstations.
> >
> If it really has client side caching then it can be better than NFS.
> However, I just found this on their official website:
> <snip>
> There were several sweeping changes in freebsd, and in the case where
> the developers didn't exactly know how to solve it for Coda, they just
> removed the related code. For instance, they don't support vget with a
> device/inode number pair anymore, so they simply removed the complete
> coda_open codepath. As a result it is impossible to open any files or
> directories in /coda with the current fbsd kernel module.
> </snip>

Like most of their documentation, that seems to be out of date.
According to their codebase, that particular issue was fixed a few
months ago. But I certainly wouldn't trust Coda (on ANY platform) for
production use without a bunch of testing. Which is too bad, it seems
like a neat solution looking for problems to solve. I played with it
for a while several years ago and I liked it enough to wish I had a
problem that required it.

- Bob
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