On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 02:05:57AM +0200, Nicholas Wieland wrote:
> I was reading tuning(7), and I found that I should size my swap  
> double the size of my physical memory.
> AFAIK that was true some years ago, when memory was not as cheap as  
> now, and following that guideline I should set my swap to 2GB, which  
> seems far too much for swap (at least to me ...). I will never need  
> this much memory as 1GB RAM and 2GB swap.
> Is it still correct ?

2GB is a reasonable amount of swap space, and unless you plan to turn
your system on and leave it in the closet doing nothing, it will use
more memory than you think.

> How can I resize with bsdlabel if I already  
> used all my disk space during install ?

With a bit of work you can grow partitions (see growfs), but you
cannot shrink them.


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