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I was reading tuning(7), and I found that I should size my swap double the size of my physical memory. AFAIK that was true some years ago, when memory was not as cheap as now, and following that guideline I should set my swap to 2GB, which seems far too much for swap (at least to me ...). I will never need this much memory as 1GB RAM and 2GB swap. Is it still correct ? How can I resize with bsdlabel if I already used all my disk space during install ?


From what I understand, the reasoning behind the math is that, if you have a kernel dump, there's enough room in swap to put the entire core into swap (so it's there when you've rebooted), and that there's enough room left in swap to allow the system to reboot, so you can debug.

If you're not worried about your .core files, then I wouldn't worry about the math of 2xmemory.

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